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released January 25, 2015

Recorded at The Hive by Eoin Whitfield march 2014
Mastered at AudioSiege by Brad Boatright
Artwork by Sean Fitzgearld sfitzgerald-art.tumblr.com


tags: punk Köln


all rights reserved


diyordie Köln, Germany

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Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Greater than fear
i slay dragons every day
then hide the scars
behind closed doors
snarling back at demon foes
thwarting me from the shadows

what's inside is
greater than fear

i build and burn bridges
i make it look easy
i am immune to the poison
they feed me
i knife the cop that lives in my head
wrestle with trolls and i leave them for dead
when i emerge from my victory
you wouldn't know:
i have battled to be here

today i fuck them up, today i win!
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - God Eaters
vampirish blood lust
these pale men in the half light
god-eaters, soul suckers
put your dead in their earth
the soul has been claimed

idolatry of a dying man
blood oozes from wounds endlessly
skeletal and tortured
let that remind you that life should be pain

teaching self-hatred
preaching terror of hell
bring your innocents to the altar
confess child you are evil

stolen ancient rites
made meaningless
co-opted and destroyed
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Choose your adventure
design your prison
the length of your chain
step onto the treadmill at will
turn the crank that will keep you trapped
pick out your torture, your choice

the briars you planted around your lonely tower thrive
just within reach is the rusting scythe

when they pedalled slavery as freedom and choice
why did you buy?

the paths you took brought you to this spot
and you can choose
when to go back
where to go next
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Defective Machine
the machine is defective
the manual has been mislaid
the instruction was ineffective
their objectives will not be met
machine – defective, defective
the manual has been mislaid
the rules will be ignored
we will not play along
instead of acquiesence, there is rejection

anticipated chronological sequence compromised
binary gender signals ambiguous and blurred
replication tendencies not existent
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Windstrong
***"only the strong go crazy
the weak just go along"

you injure
i endure
i take the punches, feel nothing

battered by the rain
we grow deformed
but hardy and windstrong
you live oblivious to the fact
without us you're fucked

buffeted by the wind
i do not yield
beautiful in our own way
you exploit that sacrifice no more
your time is up

***these words are from the poem "To My Momma" by Assata Shakur
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Dust and Bones
the wasteland that spreads
stands as a reminder
of human endeavour

the mighty forest, hacked down
for god and country
a race to riches and rape
paradise waits to be destroyed

dust and bones
observe your glorious colony
dust and bones is the legacy

there is a price to be paid
civilisations destroyed, a colony of slaves
years of cruelty, death and decay
there is a price to be paid
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Silent Wars
her name shows ownership
fortunes are made
around this straight dream
and we toast it
what happens next: nobody's business
no crime, no crime
in the black and blue twilight
veiled threats, silent wars

lorraine white's blood dripping from the bedroom wall
where's the hollywood ending?
bridget cleary sadly stares from the hearth
this is not history
mark broke his fist, smashing her face in
her blind eyes couldn't see the punches fly
they landed just the same
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Sirens
sirens rip up the night
sirens rip up the night
they come with an agenda, a quota, bloodthirsty
they come with hate, blood-baited, impunity
disturb the peace, rip up the night

blue lights coming your way
blue lights coming your way

i see you, on the wrong side of a blue line
i see you, on the wrong side of a class war
dancing mindlessly to whatever tune they happen to play

when workers strike who'll protect the powerful?
when the oppressed march who'll beat them back?
you'll toe the line you won't let them down!
you'll cover up murder in custody cells
you'll knock oul' ones to the ground
if they have the neck to try have a say in the rape of their land

they come with hate
they come with an agenda, a quota, bloodthirsty
they come with hate, blood-baited, impunity
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Curses
i kneel down let my hair loose about me
may you be rewarded
according to your works
your christian beliefs favour domination
tame what is wild or destroy it

may you become the quarry
and may you die the death
you would subject
the mac tíre, iníon tíre

*go mhuchfidh tú i d'aonar
istigh i brocach
go thugfaidh mac tíre
do scornach amach
go thitfidh tú as do chapall
gan cairde

may you die full of crimes

*May you suffocate in a badger's sett, may a wolf rip your throat out, may you fall off your horse in pursuit of a fox and no friends to help you.
Track Name: BURNCHURCH - Dark night of the soul
mixed blessing of medicine
no pills for this pain of mind
daily humiliation
like cells in a test tube
she must lie and wait

your faith your fears your dogma
when i can fight no longer
i appeal to your humanity
take me out of my misery

if you could stand in my place
pain, sadness is all there is
i would choose dignity
but it's no longer my choice